Gold Ring

by Redvers Bailey



Gold Ring available on Spotify, iTunes and most digital stores 22.11.16


when i was out there driving all alone
i often would until i met a certain francophone
ghostly apparitions ride there in the shotgun seat
softly whisper ideas, hopes and dreams to me
through the olive trees
by the Adriatic sea
you star in my best memories
life is a gold ring

some funny jewellers look down their nose
others know they deal in love and help you choose
i chose a single diamond to represent a love
remind us of our memories for many moons
let us be in tune
while we travel sleep and sing
facing what life brings
let’s deck the barn in bunting
i’ll give you this gold ring

i asked your papa’s blessing, told him my surprise
your sister played detective for your finger’s size
our playlist in my ears and old scenes in my minds eye
i knew in my heart you’d want to live your life with me
we drove through evergreens
your surprise to me
a night inside an airstream
i went down on one knee
roses red and pretty
i gave you this gold ring
life is is a gold ring
i give you my gold ring


released November 22, 2016
Music and video by Redvers Bailey and Melissa Brouillette
Audio mastered by Peter Beckmann at Technology Works
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all rights reserved


Redvers Bailey Montreal, Québec

Redvers and Melissa sing a mixture of their own joyously melodic story-telling folk and their heroes' songs to make you listen, dance, laugh or even cry.

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